barefoot shoes reviewed

If you are looking to buy barefoot or minimalist shoes then this site will help you. Here at barefoot shoes reviewed we provide independent reviews of Barefoot or Minimalist shoes to help you make the right decision for you when buying. We have arranged the reviews into different categories based on when and where you want to wear them.

We try to keep the reviews short and to the point. There a plenty of other places where you can go for more detailed reviews of each product, our aim is to provide simple structured guidance.

We have organised the shoes into different categories based on what you might be looking for in a barefoot shoe:

Best Barefoot Running Shoes of 2017

Best Barefoot Hiking Shoes

Best Barefoot Trail Running Shoes

Best Barefoot Sandals

Best Minimalist Shoes

We hope you find the information in this site useful and that it encourages you to take steps towards walking and running barefoot.