Luna Sandals

Luna Sandals are the first of many Huarache style sandals to hit the market and in our opinion still the best. From the story of how they were made to the back story of their iconic founder Barefoot Ted, you really need to own a pair of these if you are serious about being a barefooter.


Their range continues to grow and change all the time as they seek to provide sandals that work for everyone. Each version has a slightly different feature that will appeal for different people. Over time the main changes to the structure of the sandal have come in changes to the tread, the strapping and the construction of the upper.


The original Huarache sandals are constructed out of string and old tyres and whilst that works for some, other people want something more suited to the western world. The soles are constructed by Vibram, so you can guarantee that they will be longlasting.After much innovation and improvement, Luna Sandals now offer a modern alternative whilst staying true to the original Huarache sandal design. With new versions out for 2017, here are three of the best.

Barefoot Ted watching Manuel Luna construct some original Huarache Sandals


Luna Oso 2.0

The Oso (Spanish for Bear, they all have spanish names) 2.0 is a great for getting out on the trails and taking what the world can throw at you. It is both comfortable and flexible with sufficient grip and thickness to cope with almost any conditions. These sandals will take you out for a run on the trails without slipping, or can just be worn in the park or garden for playing around. At just 9.2oz (260 grammes) They are very light, and with the straps securing your foot in three places, Top, ankle and heel, they stay well attached to your feet. They come in two different sole thicknesses. The standard is a 13mm sole and the Flaco (thin) is 7mm.

Mono 2.0 and Gordo


The Monkey, with its lightweight construction and grippy sole this is the ultimate take you anywhere sandal. Whether you want to run trails, wear something lightweight for walking around or just hanging out, this is the sandal for you. If you were to own one pair of Luna Sandals this should be the one. At 11mm the sole is thick enough to protect, but not so thick to completely obstruct your feel of the ground. At just 5.9oz (167 grammes) they are super lightweight with all the support you can expect from Lunas.


For super comfort, the Mono Gordo offers a really thick sole (17mm) that feels like you are taking a piece of the earth with you. Like all Luna sandals they are completely flat so still barefoot due to range of motion.


Venado 2.0

Fast running, simple, fleet of foot, the Venado (Spanish for Deer) is the paired down version of the Luna Sandal with a slick vibram sole. These are suitable for light trails, dry weather and for those of you looking to have almost nothing between you and the ground. An ideal option for daily wear, though perhaps not to the office.


But they are really expensive

I hear you cry. It’s true, you don’t get much material for your money, but what you do get lasts for a long time. I’ve had my two pairs for over 5 years now and they are still going despite almost daily use during the summer. You are also buying a piece of barefoot iconography, like a pair of vibram five fingers. There is something special about Luna that mean they are a must have for your barefoot shoe collection.

Which Barefoot Shoes Should I Buy?

There are so many options to choose from when purchasing a pair of barefoot shoes. How do you know which one to go for? In spite of their inclination towards minimalism, the price is rarely minimal. Somehow it seems that less material leads to more cost! With this in mind it’s worth giving some thought to your reasons for wanting barefoot shoes, so that you make the right choose when you buy.

What do you want them for?

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Vivo Barefoot

Vivobarefoot are one of the most innovative shoe makers on the market. They continue to innovate around a core product based on a puncture resistant patented sole. Started in 2003, they are one of the first in the market so you can expect to get quality, tried and tested products. If you wanted, you could do everything in a pair of their shoes, from hanging out on the beach, running trails, going to work through to going to a night at the opera! They have sandals, casual shoes, dress shoes, running shoes, workout shoes, something for every occasion.

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Vibram Five Fingers


Vibrams can stake a very strong claim to being the barefoot shoe.

Their look is iconic, they came up with the idea of a shoe with toes in it, literally a foot glove and perhaps did more to popularise the notion of barefoot or minimalist running than any other company out there.

Vibram as a company have a long history of creating high quality soles for climbing shoes and walking boots. Interestingly you will see their names adorning the soles of many of their barefoot shoe competitors (Merrill for example). Continue reading “Vibram Five Fingers”