The Best Barefoot Sandals

Perhaps this is a curious title. Aren’t all sandals barefoot-ish? well the answer is an obvious no! Not all sandals are created equal. Many give so much protection from the elements that they are almost like walking boots. Others, despite being sandals, retain a significant heel to toe drop. The following selection are flat and give the foot as much range of motion as possible

1. Luna Mono


These sandals are the closest thing to the original Luna Sandal design still being produced. Luna have been developing and refining this product over many years now and there is little that can beat them for quality, versatility and durability. They are one of the most pricey options but they last forever.

2.Xero Z-Trail

Well these come with a recommendation from Danny Dreyer, co-founder of Chi-Running. If you don’t know what that is, then look it up. It’s fair to say Chi-runners were on to barefoot running before it became a thing. They differ from other sandals in the market as they have no toe strap. Whether that is good or bad is a matter of personal preference. Price wise, they are competitive.

3. Vivobarefoot Eclipse


VivoBarefoot have released a few versions of the huarache sandal, like other makers trying to imitate the original design pioneered by Luna (and prior to that the Tarahumara tribe for millenia). Their latest offering, the eclipse, achieves many things. It is ultra thin, so really good ground feel. It is vegan, which will appeal to many in the barefoot community. It is stylish! Something so often forgotten in the pursuit for minimalism. If you want a sandal to be seen in, this could be the one. They come in at a similar price to the Xero Z.